Living Waters

LW02The church is a large building that looks like a large barn with windows, given by American Christians to provide a place to do the many activities that happen at Living Waters Church (Aqua Viva).

As well as services there are children doing lessons in two shifts before or after their few hours at the not very good state school.

It provides a place for little children to go and have a meal, some constructive play in a safe environment while their parents scavenge for plastic or paper on the dump. Other local Churches are now helping with the teaching and childcare which is a big step forward but it is still nearly all voluntary as there is not the money to pay staff.

There are also other buildings the community use for computer lessons, a visiting dentist, a health visitor to advise on many health issues.

A group of ladies who make crafts have formed a co-operative which has just sent its first consignment to Holland.